Monday, December 15, 2014

Name Madness 2014 - Round 3


Thank you for another great round of Name Madness! After 87 votes, we have some fascinating results. There were a few cases in which one name was not chosen over the other, producing percentages that don't equal 100%, but I went with it.

Here are the results (winners in bold)...

Angelina 18%
Vivien 82%

Viola 64%
Ava 37%

Bette 80%
Carole 20%

Dorothy 64%
Drew 37%

Monroe 46%
Marlene 54%

Ginger 26%
June 74%

Greta 62%
Gwyneth 38%

Ingrid 54%
Hattie 46%

Alec 62%
Spencer 38%

Rhys 61%
Rex 39%

Quinn 55%
Clark 45%

Colin 56%
Cooper 44%

Dean 67%
Marlon 33%

Laurence 62%
Kiefer 38%

Gable 56%
Gregory 44%

Harrison 59%
Heath 41%

After walloping Annette 82%-18% last week, Vivien does the same to Angelina this week! Bette also has a very convincing win over Carole. The closest matchups were Monroe/Marlene and Ingrid/Hattie, but the boy matchups were all fairly close.

Now it's time for the Sweet Sixteen! Wow. In looking at Round 3, I see some really great matchups and cannot wait to see what you all choose!

Because I will be on vacation next week, you only have until Thursday, December 18 to vote. Please vote only once and for only one name in each match. Winners of Round 3 and the ballot for Round 4 should be published on Friday, December 19. Have fun!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Most Popular Christmas Names Overall

After reading this post on Nameberry the other day, I was inspired to go to my name sums database (all given names since 1880 totaled) to see which Christmas names have been given the most overall. Here is what I found...

How interesting that the top names just happen to be the names of Jesus' parents!

This is such a great list of names, and not just for babies born over the holiday season. Which is your favorite?


Monday, December 8, 2014

Name Madness 2014 - Round 2


Thank you for the tremendous turnout in Round 1! Ninety-four of you voted... THANK YOU! And an additional thank you goes out to Appellation Mountain and Name News for posting links. I hope the trend continues with the next round!

Now down to the results. There were several very close matches as well as some blowouts. A couple of you have voted for both options on some of the matchups, so a few of the numbers do not equal 100%. Please remember next time to vote for one option! There was even a tie on one of the matchups... Carole vs. Sandra was close the entire week! So, I have to be the good/bad guy and break the tie. I know half of you will be happy with my pick!

Here are the results (winners in bold)...

Angelina 56%
Winona 45%

Annette 18%
Vivien 82%

Audrey 50%
Viola 51%

Ava 64%
Veronica 37%

Bette 83%
Thelma 17%

Carole 51% (tie break)
Sandra 50%

Dorothy 53%
Sally 48%

Drew 64%
Rita 36%

Ethel 48%
Monroe 53%

Gilda 43%
Marlene 57%

Ginger 51%
Loretta 49%

Greer 40%
June 61%

Greta 70%
Julie 30%

Gwyneth 56%
Jayne 45%

Halle 30%
Ingrid 71%

Harlow 37%
Hattie 64%

Alec 51%
Spencer 49%

Basil 78%
Rock 22%

Burgess 15%
Rhys 85%

Charlton 40%
Rex 60%

Chase 44%
Quinn 56%

Clark 68%
Orson 32%

Colin 60%
Orlando 41%

Cooper 53%
Olivier 48%

Dean 60%
Montgomery 40%

Denzel 38%
Marlon 63%

Diesel 29%
Laurence 72%

Errol 44%
Kiefer 56%

Gable 62%
Keaton 38%

Gregory 66%
Humphrey 34%

Harrison 60%
Hugh 40%

Heath 60%
Hudson 41%

Besides Carole/Sandra, check out Audrey/Viola, Ginger/Loretta, and Alec/Spencer! So close. Meanwhile, poor Annette, Thelma and Burgess couldn't break 20%. Were they so unlikable or are Vivien, Bette and Rhys that much stronger? I guess we'll see in the next round.

What do you think of the results? Any huge surprises or disappointments for you? Is there any name you are ecstatic it's still around?

Now on to Round 2!

You have until Sunday, December 14 to vote. Please vote only once and for only one name in each match. Winners of Round 2 and the ballot for Round 3 should be published on Monday, December 15. Have fun!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Name Madness 2014 - Round 1

I narrowed down the names of hundreds of actors and actresses to 64 contenders (32 girls and 32 boys). I hope you like my picks! They were put in alphabetical order and then the match-ups were set by putting the first against the last, much like March Madness rankings. I am so in love with how the match-ups fell. Some are perfectly matched (Basil vs. Rock) and some are just hard to choose (Audrey vs. Viola)... for me, anyway!

Where did the names come from? Here is a quick rundown of the contenders...

Angelina - Angelina Jolie
Annette - Annette Bening, Annette Funicello
Audrey - Audrey Hepburn
Ava - Ava Gardner
Bette - Bette Davis, Bette Midler (pronounced differently)
Carole - Carole Landis, Carole Lombard
Dorothy - Dorothy Dalton, Dorothy Dandridge, Dorothy Gish, Dorothy Lamour, Dorothy Malone
Drew - Drew Barrymore
Ethel - Ethel Barrymore, Ethel Merman, Ethel Waters
Gilda - Gilda Gray
Ginger - Ginger Rogers
Greer - Greer Garson, Jane Greer
Greta - Greta Garbo
Gwyneth - Gwyneth Paltrow
Halle - Halle Berry
Harlow - Jean Harlow
Hattie - Hattie McDaniel
Ingrid - Ingrid Bergman
Jayne - Jayne Mansfield
Julie - Julie Andrews
June - June Allyson, June Lockhart
Loretta - Loretta Young
Marlene - Marlene Dietrich
Monroe - Marilyn Monroe
Rita - Rita Hayworth, Rita Moreno
Sally - Sally Field
Sandra - Sandra Bullock
Thelma - Thelma Todd
Veronica - Veronica Lake
Viola - Viola Dana, Viola Davis
Vivien - Vivien Leigh
Winona - Winona Ryder

Alec - Alec Baldwin, Alec Guinness
Basil - Basil Rathbone
Burgess - Burgess Meredith
Charlton - Charlton Heston
Chase - Chevy Chase
Clark - Clark Gable
Colin - Colin Farrell, Colin Firth
Cooper - Gary Cooper, Jackie Cooper
Dean - Dean Jagger, Dean Martin, Dean Stockwell, James Dean
Denzel - Denzel Washington
Diesel - Vin Diesel
Errol - Errol Flynn
Gable - Clark Gable
Gregory - Gregory Peck
Harrison - Harrison Ford, Rex Harrison
Heath - Heath Ledger
Hudson - Rock Hudson
Hugh - Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman
Humphrey - Humphrey Bogart
Keaton - Buster Keaton, Michael Keaton
Kiefer - Kiefer Sutherland
Laurence - Laurence Olivier
Marlon - Marlon Brando
Montgomery - Montgomery Clift, Robert Montgomery
Olivier - Laurence Olivier
Orlando - Orlando Bloom
Orson - Orson Welles
Quinn - Anthony Quinn
Rex - Rex Allen, Rex Harrison
Rhys - Rhys Ifans, John Rhys-Davies, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Rock - Rock Hudson
Spencer - Spencer Tracy

You have until Sunday, December 7 to vote. Please vote only once and for only one name in each match. Winners of Round 1 and the ballot for Round 2 should be published on Monday, December 8. Have fun!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G!

Thanksgiving Tray

I did this with HALLOWEEN a couple of years ago and thought it would be fun to do again. So... how many names can you find in THANKSGIVING? The rule is you can use only the letters in Thanksgiving and you can only use them the amount of times they show up in the word. Here's what I came up with...


Not very easy! Can you find any more?