Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Fun Find! - sarah + abraham

Today's Fun Find is "super" cute!

Does your son like superheros or do you simply think he is one? sarah + abraham offers these absolutely adorable placemats that can be personalized with your child's name! While this item is worth a look of the website alone, it is not the only product this site offers. There are plates, bowls, water bottles, stationary, invitations, pillows, and many more with many different ways of personalizing them for your child (including hair color and length, eye color and shape, and skin tone). With the holidays approaching, these fun finds are all the more desirable, so check out sarah + abraham today!

And how much do I love the fact that she uses the name Clive on a personalized product! :)

One more thing.  Ever go to a playdate and want to pass along your contact information to other mother's you meet?  Check out these calling cards!

Special thanks to Daisha S. for bringing this site to my attention!


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