Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Fun Find! - Pindseylou Designs

I would like to introduce one of this site's new features!  Probably due to my love of names, I love to get things personalized.  I mean, if you love a name so much, why not put it on everything?  My NameFreak! Pinterest board has a collection of things in which a name is used in a creative way.  I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of the especially cool ones with my fellow NameFreaks!  Hence Friday's Fun Find.  I may get so excited about an item that I post about it on another day, but for alliteration's sake, we'll call it Friday's Fun Find.  :)

This week's find is a very cool way of presenting a name in art by Pindseylou Designs!

What a charming way of displaying your child's or your family name!  There are various types of designs on her page using different colors and fonts, but I personally love the pretty green and the simplicity of this one. The artist is holding a special for September, so you should check out the etsy site for Pindseylou Designs!

Special thanks to fellow NameFreak Kristen G. for bringing this art to my attention!


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