Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Naming a Child

When parents are naming their child, there are a lot of thoughts going through their heads. What name sounds good? Do we agree on this name? Is this name too popular? Is this name too weird? Will other people like it or hate it? What will people think when they hear the name? While I consider all of this contemplation fun (to a certain extent), I'm sure there are many parents out there who find the entire process very stressful.

The main thing I like to tell parents is to go with what feels right. Go with what you love. Don't worry about what others will think... this precious baby is yours to name and you are the one who will be calling the name over and over again. ;) This isn't to say that parents should go crazy though. You've heard the stories of Ima Butt and Adolph Hitler (Last Name). There is definitely a responsibility to naming a child that should give some guidance along the way. Is the "crazy" name something that means a lot to you and one you think will honor your child? If it is, go with it. "Crazy" to others might not be "crazy" to you.

That leads me to how your baby "makes" a name. Others might consider George a name with negative connotations (it's old and stuffy). But if you love it (it's a strong and masculine name), go with it. Your sweet baby will make the name George awesome to all who meet him. This is also the reason why some people don't announce the name of their baby until after he or she is born. Once the name is attached to the face, it's less likely to be rebuked (at least to the parents' faces). But by then, even rebuke doesn't, or shouldn't, matter because you have a precious new life in your arms. If you are going to announce your child's name before he or she is born, you will know how much you love and are confident in that name by how you feel when/if someone has a negative reaction to it. But again, I reiterate, try not to let others' opinions change your feeling on a name. If you truly love it, go with it. It's not good to have regrets when you are using that name several times a day to refer to your child.

In the effort to help alleviate some of the stress parents have in deciding on a name, to give more options, or to just have some fun, I offer my name advice.  If you ask me to do name research, I send out a questionnaire in which I ask, among other things, what is important and meaningful to you. I like to find names that would reflect a significance from your lives, while also respecting your desire and style. My hope is that there is a name in the mix that you fall in love with because of its meaning... not necessarily the meaning of the name (although that may have a part in it), but a meaning that is specific and personalized to you. I know that this won't always happen, and so my subsequent hope is that the names I offer will give inspiration for another name, or convince you that a name you might have been considering before is definitely the one you want to use.  I like to bring value to names that may not be on your radar yet, as well as present ideas and considerations that you may want to ponder.  If you have any questions, desire any information, or need someone neutral to bounce ideas off of... contact me.  Doing the research is a joy for me, and finding a name that you love and are confident in is a special reward... for all of us!

Remember... a name is the first gift you give your child.  It's a gift that lasts forever.  Make it a meaningful one!   


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