Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby Shower Name Game: Favorites

I played this game on my old blog, and like most baby shower name games, it's a lot of fun. Why not do it again, especially since some of my answers have changed and I made an addition.  :)

The goal of this game, and most baby shower name games, is to give the future mom some ideas for her baby's name. The results are mostly silly, of course, but you never know what could come up! For this game, you make first and middle name combinations by filling in your favorites. Here are mine:

Favorite actor / Favorite character he played
Nathan Malcolm – (Nathan Fillion / Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly)

Favorite actress / Favorite character she played
Kate Marianne – (Kate Winslet / Marianne Dashwood - Sense & Sensibility)

Favorite author / Favorite character from your favorite book
Jane Darcy - (Jane Austen / Mr. Darcy – Pride & Prejudice)

Favorite singer / Favorite band
Sarah Journey – (Sarah McLachlan / Journey)

Favorite Disney character / Favorite TV show character
Flynn Troy  – (Tangled / Community)

Favorite Flower / Favorite City
Lily Berlin

What would be your answers?



  1. Fun! Let's see...

    Ryan Hannibal – (Ryan Reynolds/ Hannibal King – Blade Trinity)

    Ginnifer Gigi – (Ginnifer Goodwin / Gigi - He's Just Not That Into You)

    Frances Sara - (Frances Hodgeson Burnett / Sara Crewe – A Little Princess)

    Pink Fun – (Pink / Fun)

    Alice Zoe – (Alice In Wonderland / Hart of Dixie)

    Lisianthus Melbourne

  2. Hmmm ... I will be a good ambassadress, and try to use Australian ones only!

    David Faramir - (David Wenham / Faramir - "Lord of the Rings")

    Emily Violet - (Emily Browning / Violet Baudelaire - "Series of Unfortunate Events")

    Norman Dan - (Norman Lindsay / Fantastic Dan - "Flyaway Highway")

    Nick Jet - (Nick Cave / Jet)

    Jake Billie - ("Rescuers Down Under" / "Offspring")

    Acacia Adelaide

  3. 1. Harvey Jacob (Harvey Keitel/Jacob Fuller "From Dusk Til Dawn")
    2. Cate Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett/Elizabeth I "Elizabeth")
    3. Thomas Stargirl (Thomas Hardy/Stargirl Carraway "Stargirl")
    4. Polly Yeah (PJ Harvey/Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
    5. Pocahontas Lafayette (Pocahontas/True Blood)
    6. Daffodil Manchester

  4. Paul Timothy (Pudd, Timothy "Tim" from Dinner For Schmucks)
    Tina Claire (Tina Fey, Claire from Date Night)
    Stephen Tommy (Stephen King, Tommy from Carrie)
    Mat Coldplay (Mat Kearney, Coldplay)
    Woody Benjamin (Woody from Toy Story, Benjmain "Ben" from Parks and Recreation)
    Poppy York (Poppies, New York)

  5. Nice! I have also planned a baby shower for my cousin and would love to add another game to the day. We are celebrating it in a very nice event space NYC and I want her to have the best time of her life. Therefore, I am going through such wonderful posts.


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