Monday, October 29, 2012

The Starbucks Conundrum

via Starbucks

I originally posted about this on Facebook, but I thought it would be fun to blog about it as well. It's called the Starbucks Conundrum. You give your order and your name to the barista and hope he/she gets the order right AND spells your name right. Or is that just me? As you can guess, my name is often misspelled. It doesn't damper my day because I'm used to it, but my day is definitely brightened when they get it right.

So, in comes Instagram. The online phone picture phenomenon is fun to participate in as well as look through. The other day, I typed "names" into the search box and found these goodies: #namespelledwrong, #namespeltwrong, and #namespelledright.  A lot of these pictures were of Starbucks cups. Little did the baristas know their mistakes would be broadcast around the world of Instagram. Here is what I've found in the "wrong" category (actual spelling is in parenthesis):

Megan (Meghan)
Sabastian (Sebastian)
Kyra (Kera)
Jeff (Geoff)
Danica (Danikka)
Sierra (Ciarra)
Tobas (Tobias)
Tricia (Trisha)
Kristin (Kristyn)
Jordan (Jordyn)
Caressa (Carissa)
Cathy (Kathi)
Marielle (Maurielle)
Shelbey (Shelbee)
Zoey (Zoe)
Emely (Emily)
Madeline (Madalyn)
Shelbie (Shelby)
Loure (Laura)
Candiace (Candace)
Kely (Kelly)
Jordan (Jourdan)
Lizzie (Lizzy)
Ellenor (Eleanor)
Christy (Christie)
Lyann (Leanne)
Alisha (Alycia)
Tarry (Terri)
Madolyn (Madeline)

You can't blame some of the baristas, but others probably just didn't care.

And the names of the people who had their day brightened:

It's interesting, right? I'm sure a lot of these are just flukes, but that's what makes it so special.

Oh, to work at Starbucks. Think of the plethora of names you would hear as a barista. Though, I would probably be fired after the first rush hour due to my asking each customer how to spell their name and then possibly asking them for their name story. ;)

Has your name been misspelled a lot? What are the most common mistakes?



  1. just yesterday i spelled out my name for someone and they still spelled it wrong. And then I corrected them, but they were reading it out to someone else and spelled it wrong again. srsly? to me, it's not just a mistake, it's rude. But maybe that's because I'm extra careful because I'm sensitive to it? If someone gets a name wrong because they're guessing, that's fine. But if I take the time to spell it out for you (or I sign my email and you still reply with the wrong spelling!), that's just bad manners.

  2. Yep! Although my name is pretty common (Kristen) there are so many spellings. I don't let it bother me, unless it's something really crazy or I actually said "Kristen with a K" and it's still spelled with a C.
    I've seen Kristin the most--at least it's just one letter off!


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