Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Nickname Story: Joss

Joss Whedon via Wikipedia

Joss is a fascinating nickname to me. I'm not usually one who would consider using a unisex name, but I would love an opportunity to call my son OR daughter Joss. It's also a great given name, however the options of full names are plentiful and superb:

Boy Names

Girl Names

Interestingly, Joss was the given name of 11 boys and 11 girls in 2011. There happen to be two celebrities (one male and one female) who are known as Joss: the (awesome) director/producer/writer Joss Whedon was born Joseph Hill Whedon and the singer/songwriter Joss Stone was born Jocelyn Eve Stoker. The name fits a baseball-wielding boy and a tutu-wearing girl. Whatever your preference, I do not see how parents can go wrong with this spunky choice.

Would you use Joss as a given name? If you like it as a nickname, which full name would you use?



  1. I wouldn't use it myself, but I like it as a given name more than any of the full name options.

    On a boy, Joss seems fresher than Josh, and for a girl, spunkier than Josie.

  2. We are naming our son Joseph, though I really like Josiah too and he will be called Joss. It has really grown on me and I think it is way more refreshing than Joe


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