Monday, November 12, 2012

Name Madness - Round 1

We're off to a great start! We had 20 voters for Round 0.5... let's shoot for more this week!

The results for Round 0.5 are as follows:

McLean 3
Virginia 17

Claire 16
Diana 4

Macon 6
Deacon 14

Gilbert 3
Pierce 17

You all definitely had your favorites in these first matches! There were no close calls in the play-in round and the winners will now move on to Round 1. Thanks to a friend, I found a better way to collect your votes for the remainder of the tournament. The ballot for Round 1 is embedded below. I apologize for any imperfect formatting on the blog. And for those who are wondering where these names came from, below the ballot is a list of the references for each character name.

Note: If you printed out the brackets from the Round 0.5 post, you will need to make a correction on it. I mistakenly included the name Damon twice. I have replaced the Damon from Match 27 with Luke.

I am so excited about a lot of these match-ups and can't wait to see the results! Have fun making your selections! Please vote only once and for only one name in each match.

Here is the list of where I got the character names. I realize that a lot of these names have more than one possible reference, but I list the one where it first caught my eye for this tournament:

McLean - What Happened to Goodbye
Diana - Anne of Green Gables
Virginia - Raising Hope
Claire - The Breakfast Club
Bay - Switched at Birth
Zoe - Firefly
Ramona - Ramona Quimby
Margaret - Little Women
Elena - Vampire Diaries
Regina - Once Upon a Time
Anastasia - Battlestar Galactica
Josephine - Little Women
Edith - Downton Abbey
Genevieve - White Girl Problems
Haddie - Parenthood
Celia - As You Like It
Matilda - Matilda
Caroline - Little House
Mallory - Family Ties
Hazel - The Fault in our Stars
Auden - Along for the Ride
Penelope - The Big Bang Theory
Savannah - Dear John
Britta - Community
Juliette - Nashville
Serena - Gossip Girl
Marian - Where We Belong
Camille - Parenthood
Astrid - White Oleander
Primrose - Hunger Games
Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Arya - Game of Thrones
Daphne - Switched at Birth
Hermoine - Harry Potter

Macon - Someone Like You
Gilbert - Anne of Green Gables
Deacon - Nashville
Pierce - Community
Declan - Revenge
Hugo - Hugo
Thayer - The Lying Game
Artie - Glee
Nolan - Once Upon a Time
Hoyt - True Blood
Toby - Switched at Birth
Winston - New Girl
Conrad - Revenge
Archie - Once Upon a Time
Emmett - Back to the Future
Damon - Vampire Diaries
Gunnar - Nashville
Troy - Community
Henry - Once Upon a Time
Tyrion - Game of Thrones
Gaius - Battlestar Galactica
Axl - The Middle
Luke - Star Wars
Dexter - Dexter
Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory
Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes
Brody - Glee
Malcolm - Firefly
Brick - Hart of Dixie
Saul - Battlestar Galactica
Bertram - All's Well That Ends Well
Frederick - Persuasion
Cedric - Harry Potter
James - James Bond



  1. I voted! =D This is fun!

  2. LOL it took me forever to find a mobile browser this would work for. *wishes for a computer*

  3. Man, some were hard to pick... not because I liked both but I really didn't like either :-)


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