Monday, December 3, 2012

Name Madness - Round 4

Number - 4
photo by szczel via Flickr

We are getting down to the wire! Thank you to the forty-four people who voted in Round 3! We didn't have any ties this time, but someone did vote for both options in one of the matches, hence a percentage that doesn't equal 100%. Here are the winners:

Claire 77%
Ramona 23%

Josephine 61%
Matilda 39%

Penelope 73%
Juliette 30%

Camille 45%
Daphne 55%

Declan 52%
Nolan 48%

Conrad 34%
Emmett 66%

Henry 64%
Luke 36%

Brody 23%
James 77%

Wow... the Elite Eight is full of great match-ups! Match-ups made up of classic names that stand the test of time. How will you choose?

You have the next week to VOTE! Round 4 ends Sunday, December 9. Please vote only once and for only one name in each match. Have fun!


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