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Where Are They Now? - 1911 #61-70

Betty White's Star on the Walk of Fame via Wikipedia

Only four more posts to go until we can look at the entire Top 100 of 1911!  Here's a link to the previous six posts, and here are the sixties...

61 Clyde - fell off the Top 1000 after 1998
62 Clifford - fell off the Top 1000 after 2005 (after rising to #59)
63 Norman - fell off the Top 1000 after 2005 (after rising to #36)
64 Benjamin - #19 and rising (after falling to #155)
65 Lester - fell off the Top 1000 after 1999 (after rising to #57)
66 Lewis - #633 and rising (after falling to #725)
67 Lee - #667 and steady
68 Oscar - #162 and falling
69 Philip - #406 and falling (after rising to #53)
70 Milton - fell off the Top 1000 after 2008 (after rising to #64)

61 Willie - fell off the Top 1000 after 1972
62 Alma - #878 and falling
63 Ella - #12 and rising (after falling out of the Top 1000 for 5 years)
64 Anne - #593 and steady (after rising to #52)
65 Mattie - #933 and steady (after falling out of the Top 1000 for 17 years, and then rising to #710)
66 Jessie - #690 and steady
67 Vera - #512 and rising (after rising to #65 and then falling out of the Top 1000 for 25 years)
68 Lois - fell off the Top 1000 after 1983 (after rising to #17)
69 Betty - fell off the Top 1000 after 1996 (after rising to #2)
70 Lena - #360 and rising (after falling to #577)

The boy names are mostly falling. However, Benjamin is the perfect "100 year rule" candidate. Lewis is making an interesting turn... could it keep rising? Philip is another interesting name to me, but not because of the rule implications. Philip was #69 in 1911 and #406 in 2011; Phillip was #160 in 1911 and #378 in 2011. Somewhere around 1960, Phillip surpassed Philip. According to Behind the Name, Phillip is a variation of Philip and was inspired by the surname. Is that why it became more popular? More people were using it from the surname? Or was it because of 1959's release of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Phillip? Phillip was catching up to Philip before then, so I'm just not sure. In any case, both spellings are becoming less an less popular.

The girl's list has some great ones. Willie, Alma, Lois, and Betty are all grandma/great-grandma names to us but pretty in their own right (even Willie, which is a great way to honor a relative named William or could be a nickname for Wilhelmina). Anne and Mattie seem like they could be current, even though they are low in the ranks now. Anne is the French form of Anna, which is quite popular. Mattie sounds like Maddie, a nickname for the very popular Madison. Jessie is commonly a nickname for Jessica, which is decreasing in popularity and considered dated after reaching #1 in the 1980s and 1990s. The highlights of this group are Ella, which reentered the Top 1000 in 1990 after an absence of about five years and then shot up to #12 by 2011; Lena, which is slowly rising back towards the top; and the lovely Vera, which disappeared from the ranks for 25 years, reentered the Top 1000 at #895 in 2009, rose to #673 in 2010, and hit #512 in 2011. Will it continue to make those jumps in the coming years?

What do you think are the gems of this group?


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