Saturday, January 12, 2013

Miss America 2013

I saw an announcement for the Miss America pageant and I had to check out the names! So, here's a list of the 53 ladies competing for the title of Miss America 2013 (not including last names):

Anna Laura - Alabama
Debbe Jo - Alaska
Piper - Arizona
Sloane - Arkansas
Leah - California
Hannah - Colorado
Emily - Connecticut
Alyssa - Delaware
Allyn - DC
Laura - Florida
Leighton - Georgia
Skyler - Hawaii
Whitney - Idaho
Megan - Illinois
Merrie Beth - Indiana
Mariah - Iowa
Sloane - Kansas
Jessica - Kentucky
Lauren - Louisiana
Molly - Maine
Joanna - Maryland
Taylor - Massachusetts
Angela - Michigan
Siri - Minnesota
Marie - Mississippi
Tippe - Missouri
Alexis - Montana
Mariah - Nebraska
Randi - Nevada
Lindsey - New Jersey
Megan - New Hampshire
Candice - New Mexico
Mallory - New York
Arlie - North Carolina
Rosie - North Dakota
Elissa - Ohio
Alicia - Oklahoma
Nichole - Oregon
Jordyn - Pennsylvania
Kiaraliz - Puerto Rico
Kelsey - Rhode Island
Ali - South Carolina
Calista - South Dakota
Chandler - Tennessee
DaNae - Texas
Kara - Utah
Chelsea - Vermont
Aniska - Virgin Islands
Rosemary - Virginia
Mandy - Washington
Kaitlin - West Virginia
Kate - Wisconsin
Lexie - Wyoming

Lots of good stuff here! TWO Sloanes. An interesting take on Mary Beth with Merrie Beth. TWO Mariahs, one of which has the last name of Cary (she's 20-years-old, meaning her parents had to have known about Mariah Carey, who released her first album in 1990). A Nichole, the spelling of which I've never really cared for due to the word "hole" at the end; I also read that she was runner-up in Oregon and replacing the winner due to residency issues (the winner's name is Rachel). I wonder what the story is behind Allyn and Tippe's names. Finally, I am loving Aniska and am thrilled to see Piper, Mallory, Arlie, Rosie, Calista, Chandler, and Siri. Not your average list of pageant contestant names.

Do you have any observations? Which are your favorites?


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