Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alternatives to Lily or Lillian

a purple lily : Flower Macro - IMG_0360
Photo by Bahman Farzad via Flickr

Lily has been a Top 20 name for the past three years and Lillian is not too far behind. Both names are soft and elegant, and will probably remain at the top for a while. When saying them, I am drawn to the sound, most especially the l, followed by a vowel, followed by another l. Maybe you are captivated by this sound as well, but don't want to use the popular names themselves. Consider these alternatives and their current U.S. rank...

Delilah #172 - a Biblical name that is currently more popular that it ever has been, but still feels fresh.
Galilea #997 - the feminine form of Galileo, meaning "from Galilee"; also the Spanish name for Galilee.
Layla #33 - has a variety of spellings (including Leyla and Leila).
Leilani #244 - means "heavenly flowers" in Hawaiian.
Leela (not ranked) - an Indian name and version of Lyla or Layla.
Lila #163 or Lyla #127 - entered the Top 1000 in 1998 and 2005, respectively, and rising fast.
Lilac (not ranked) - a rarely used flower name.
Lilia #859 - the Russian version of Lily.
Lilibet (not ranked) - a diminutive of Elizabeth, but strong on its own.
Liliana #115 - the Latin version of Lillian.
Lilith #923 - means "belonging to the night" and just entered the Top 1000 in 2010.
Lola #243 - a diminutive of Dolores.
Lolita (not ranked) - a diminutive of Lola.
Lulu (not ranked) - a diminutive of names the begin with Lou.
Soleil (not ranked) - means "sun" in French and is pronounced so-lay or so-leil.
Tallulah (not ranked) - of Native American origin.

Do you have a favorite, or would you rather stick with Lily or Lillian?

Thanks to Behind the Name for the above information.



  1. Lily and Lillian are beautiful, but I would probably use Lilac, if I used any of these names.

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