Monday, February 18, 2013

My Favorite Polish Names - Boys

The Polish flag via Wikipedia

I have previously posted my top 20 Polish girl names. Now it's time for the boys! This list is heavier on the Slavic alphabet and sounds than the girls' list and may therefore be harder to pronounce in non-Slavic-language-speaking countries. But names from other languages are always filtering into English-speaking countries, so why not!?

Bogdan (BAWG-dahn) - No English equivalent; Bogdanek, Boguś
Florian (FLAWR-yahn) - Florian; None
Fryderyk (fri-DER-ik) - Frederick; Fredyk, Fredzio
Henryk (HEN-rik) - Henry; Henio
Jacek (YAH-tsek) - Hyacinth; Jacuś
Jerzy (YE-zhi) - George; Jerzyk, Jurek
Kacper (KAHTS-per) - Casper, Jasper; Kasparek, Kacperek, Kaspruś
Kazimierz (kah-ZEEM-yesh) - Casimir; Kazik
Lech (LEKH) - No English equivalent; None
Leszek (LE-shek) - Les; Lesio
Łukasz (WUW-kahsh) - Lucas; Łukaszek
Maksymilian (mahk-si-MEEL-yahn) - Maximilian; Maks, Maksymek
Marek (MAH-rek) - Marcus, Mark; Mareczek
Mirosław (mee-RAW-swahf) - No English equivalent; Mirek, Mireczek
Paweł (PAH-vew) - Paul; Pawlik
Ryszard (RI-shahrt) - Richard; Ryś, Rysiek, Rysio
Stanisław (stah-NEE-swahf) - Stanislas; Staszek, Stach, Stasio
Szymon (SHI-mawn) - Simon; Szymek
Tomasz (TAW-mahsh) - Thomas; Tomek, Tomko
Wisław (VEE-swahf) - No English equivalent; None

What are your favorites? Do you have another favorite Polish boy name that isn't listed here?

Thank you to Polish First Names and Behind the Name for the reference help.


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  1. I like Henryk, and of course, Łukasz! I also like Kaleb, Jakub, and Dawid (all the Polish versions of biblical names).


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