Monday, February 11, 2013


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I love taking pictures. I love names. Why not put the two together?

Blame it on Instagram. I've been using the cell phone app quite a bit lately to exercise my creative muscle. Instagram is a great way to share your pictures with those who have similar interests as well as a place to find some really fun photos. As I've touched on before, Starbucks customers love to share pictures of the names written on their cups, written either correctly or incorrectly. It can be such a treasure trove and makes me wish I could see more from fellow name-lovers. So, this is a formal invitation to you. Think of all the names you see while you are out and about, and how your handy-dandy mobile can capture them for all of us to view!

Names can also be turned into art. I have used PicsArt a lot, but I know there are a ton of other photo apps out there. If you aren't happy just taking a picture of a name, turn it into something even more visionary! But really, a name alone is something of tremendous creation. :)

I will be the first to tell you that I am no professional photographer, but always learning and willing to try. Don't let other people's abilities keep you from participating. Stretch your creative juices and have fun! If we can get enough contributors on board, maybe we can do photo challenges such as capturing/creating a picture of a name that starts with K or finding a wearable name on a street sign.

My Instagram username is @namefreak. Follow me to see my pictures and other name goodies. Tag your name pictures with the hashtag #namefreak so we can see what you've seen/created!

If you are not on Instagram or don't like using a camera phone, don't let that stop you from participating! Take pictures with your regular camera, edit them on your computer if you desire, and then post them on my Facebook page. I will share some there as well.

And speaking of cool ways to disperse information, don't forget that I'm on Pinterest. If I am online and see a name displayed in an interesting way, a great personalized product, a way to decorate with a name, or just a name I would like to share, I pin it. Just another fun way to share my love of names with you!


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