Monday, March 18, 2013

NF's Top 10 Biblical Names - Girls

Dante Gabriel Rossetti's vision of Rachel and Leah

A little over a week ago, I shared my Top 10 Biblical boy names. Without further ado, here are my favorite Biblical girl names!

1. Rachel - When I was pregnant over seven years ago, I told my husband that Rachel was my favorite Biblical girl name. It still is. She was the "pretty sister" that Jacob favored in the Biblical story. It is a lovely Hebrew name that is commonly heard in the United States. It's a safe and sure bet.

2. Hope - Hope is my favorite virtue name. It also happens to be a pretty strong concept in the Bible. I love what it means and the feeling it gives.

3. Tamar - While her story in the Bible is not the most uplifting, I love this name. The sound is unique and the fact that the first syllable is pronounced "tay" helps to avoid the Tammy nickname moreso than Tamara.

4. Anna - Anna is simple and beautiful. Enough said.

5. Naomi - After Rachel was born, this was my next favorite Biblical girl name. I thought it went perfect with Rachel and really wanted to use it if we had another girl. Enter the hubby. He doesn't like it, so we nixed it. I, however, recommend(ed) it to almost everyone, including my brother and his wife, who used it for their daughter. I am so happy to have a Naomi in the family.

6. Mary - It's such a shame that Mary is falling in popularity. It has a rich history and a sweet sound. So many strong female Biblical characters had this name, from Jesus' mother to one of his most faithful followers.

7. Phoebe - I couldn't use Phoebe after Rachel because of the Friends connection, but it is a name I would definitely use and have recommended many times. Phoebe has a wonderful meaning as well: "radiant."

8. Eve - The name of the first woman on Earth needs more love than it gets. Often overlooked in favor of Ava or Eva, Eve is simple elegance.

9. Kezia - Kezia was Job's second daughter born after his hardships. Pronounced "keh-ZAI-uh", it's one you don't hear much of, but is similar enough to Kenzie or Mariah that it's not too weird. I love the sound of it as well as the look of the K and Z together.

10. Genesis - There are a lot of book titles from the Bible that are used as names, but most of those are named after people. Genesis is one that is used even though it's not named after a person, it's named after the beginning of everything, and is extremely wearable. If you are not a fan of Jennifer, this would be a great alternative and would give you the cute nicknames Gen or Nessie.

Honorable Mentions: Dinah, Elizabeth, Esther, Leah, Miriam, Susanna, Tirzah, Vashti, and Zipporah.

What are your favorite Biblical girl names?



  1. I had a little girl in mthe Sunday School class I taught when I was livingin England named Kezia (it was pronounced KEH-zya, there) and I absolutely fell in love with it. I think it's wonderful, too, as Kezia and her sisters are noted as receiving inheritances along with their brothers at the end of Job, which was veyr unusual for the time.

    At the same church in England, there is now a brother and sister named Zipporah and Zerubabbel, so I guess they are a pretty creative bunch with their biblical names!

  2. Aw, my name is on the list! :)

    I love Phoebe and Eve from this list, and I've always liked Kezia, which I've only heard pronounced KEE-zee-uh (I've only heard it on English TV programmes - funnily enough, I often hear people say this is a "black" name, and in the two programmes I last saw the name on, the characters named Kezia were black or mixed race).

    Mary is rising in popularity here!

    My favourite Biblical name is Jemima, but I also like Esther, Miriam, Delilah, Chloe, Lydia, Tabitha, Damaris, Persis, Claudia and Sapphira.

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