Friday, April 5, 2013

That's Cheesy

Photo by cathou_cathare via Flickr

I love cheese. I'm not so sure I love it enough to purposefully name a baby after a cheese, but the name Bree is beautiful and sounds just like the cheese Brie (not to mention Colby is also a cheese). So... how many other possible baby names could we get from types of cheese?

Anari - a cheese from Cyprus
Areesh - an Egyptian cheese
Aura - a Finnish cheese
Brinza or Bryndza - a cheese from Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland
Caravane - a cheese from Mauritania
Cashel - an Irish cheese
Danbo - a Danish cheese
Domiati - an Egyptian cheese
Dunavia - a Bulgarian cheese
Harzer - a German cheese (pronounced hahrt-ser)
Jameed - a cheese from the Middle East
Kalari - an Indian cheese
Kasseri - a cheese from Greece or Turkey
Khoa - an Indian cheese; also called Khoya
Orda or Urda - a cheese from Macedonia, Romania and Hungary (pronounced oor-dah)
Palmita - a Venezuelan cheese
Panela - a Mexican cheese
Rodoric - a Belgian cheese
Roumy - an Egyptian cheese
Rubing - a Chinese cheese
Rushan - a Chinese cheese
Sakura - a Japanese cheese
Samsø - a Danish cheese (pronounced sam-so)
Sirene - a Bulgarian cheese (pronounced see-reh-neh)
Stilton - an English cheese
Tybo - a Danish cheese (pronounced tie-bo)
Vacherin - a cheese from France or Switzerland (pronounced vahsh-er-ahn)
Vurda - a Ukrainian cheese

Do you think any of these are wearable? I know naming your child after a cheese is a little out there, but the sounds of the names above could hold their own! Just don't tell people you got the name from cheese. :)


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  1. I have a cousin named Colby. I kind of like Edam. You could also go with Curd...sounds like a Texan family name.


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