Monday, May 27, 2013

It's In the Cards

So, I'm playing a game of Sequence with my daughter while brainstorming on what my next post will be about. When she plays a card and says "four of clovers" it hits me. Names are everywhere around you and always within reach.

Granted, they are technically called clubs, but I love how she only sees the Clover. And while "heart" may not be as an attractive a name as Hart, there are quite a few names we can get from cards and the games we play with them. Some of the following games may not be immediately recognizable, but trust me, they are card games. :) Maybe the following can be inspiration to any avid card-players out there!

Abyssinia - Also another name for historicial Ethiopia, this card game could offer up a very pretty full name alternative for the nickname Abby.

Ace - Already a usable name for parents, this was given to 494 boys in 2012.

Alkort - This is a card game from Iceland, and the name has a decidedly masculine feel about it, paying homage to the boy Courtney of old.

Aluette - It sounds French, and it is. Another option for those who like -ette names.

Bridge - The popular game (or the structure) has already inspired parents to name 6 boys this in 2012.

Calypso - Besides the card game, there are many references from which you can get to this name, including comic books, flora, space, and music. 19 girls were given the name in 2012.

Camicia -An Italian game with an Italian name that flows rather nicely, and can give lovers of the nickname Cami another option.

Cricket - Besides the animal, the English bat and ball game is the first game that comes to your mind I am sure, but it is also a card game and was given to 5 girls in 2012. It's actually pretty adorable and could also be a nickname for several names including Christian or Christina.

Diamond - This is the most popular of the suit names, given to 344 girls as well as 17 boys in 2012.

Gin - The game is probably trumped by the drink, but the name was given to 5 boys in 2012. I see it more as a girl name though, similar to Jen.

Jack - No need to go into the popularity of this name, but cards could be a small hidden inspiration behind it.

Kaiser - Here is another one to add to the Rank and Title list as it is also the German title meaning "emperor" and was given to 45 boys in 2012. This Canadian game offers a strong full name for the nickname Kai.

King - This title has already gathered quite a bit of steam over the past year, and maybe some of the 1,423 boys named this in 2012 were because of a parent's love of cards. ;)

Pepper - There are several other means of inspiration to reach this name, and Pepper was given to 132 girls and 7 boys in 2012.

Razz - There's Chazz and Jazz, why not Razz?

Rummy - Maybe the alcoholic drink would keep people from using this name, but doesn't it sound like it could work with Remi and Emmy out there?

Telesina - Yet another Italian card game with a pretty name.

Tressette - This is an elegant and attractive name for an Italian game, offering several nickname options such as Tess, Tressie, and Etta.

Whist - I can't help but be captivated by the English card game as it is mentioned a few times in Jane Austen's books; it has a fresh sound, but could it be wearable today?

What is your favorite card-inspired name?



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