Friday, May 10, 2013

Names on the Cusp - An Update

Remember my predictions of 12 names (6 boys and 6 girls) that would jump into the Top 1000? Well... 4 of the 12 made it to the list:

Oakley ranked at #880 with 237 births, up from 191 births in 2011.

Thiago ranked at #862 with 244 births, up from 187 births in 2011.

Milena ranked at #965 with 262 births, up from 230 births in 2011.

Everly ranked at #907 with 286 births, up from 222 births in 2011.

So, I was 1/3 right. :)


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  1. Great guessing! I got Thiago and Everly too, but was wrong on so many others. When only a few births separate what makes the cutoff and what doesn't, it gets tricky.


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