Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Diverted by a Name: Mireille

photo via IMDB

As I was looking at the names of the cast of World War Z, one jumped out at me. First, I wondered how to pronounce it. Then, I wondered why it's not used more. Yes, I was completely diverted by Mireille.

Mireille Enos is an actress, best known for her current roll in the television show The Killing. She is American on her dad's side and French on her mom's side, the latter half being the source of her name. Pronounced "mee-RAY", the name Mireille is French and possibly derived from the Occitan word for "to admire." Abby at Appellation Mountain has also highlighted the name, and more information on its origin can be found there.

The actress is one of five children: Mireille, Veronique, Ginger, Jongiorgi, and Raphael. And not only is she well-named, but she knows HOW to name... her daughter with husband and actor Alan Ruck is named Vesper Vivianne.

Besides the WWZ actress, numerous ladies have carried or carry the beautiful name, including author Mireille Guiliano, singer and actress Mireille Hartuch, film producer Mireille Soria, and opera singer Mireille Delunsch.

A lot of what I have read says that Mireille is considered a dated name in France. However, in other parts of the world, the name could be seen as fresh and new. If you like the feel of Mireille but are wary of the probable pronunciation issues, try other versions like Mirella, Mirelle or Mireya. Nicknames could include Mimi, Rae, Mia, Mira, or, if you want to stretch it, Millie.

What do you think of Mireille?

Info from TV Guide, Wikipedia, IMDB, and Behind the Name.



  1. Beautiful! I'm learning French and I love French names so I knew how to say it correctly. A lot of people wouldn't but hopefully once you tell them they'll get it right. Great choice!

  2. This name is absolutely lovely, and fits in so perfectly with current name trends. It's not hard to say once you know how, but I expect many people would need to be told how.

    British Baby Names also did an interesting post on the name's origins:

    I love love love Vesper Vivianne!

  3. We saw World War Z last night, and I immediately spotted the name Mireille in the opening credits. I noticed it buzzing around in the baby name world so it caught my attention, and I knew how to pronounce it from your post. I also love Mireille! I love everything about it!

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