Friday, June 14, 2013

Miss USA 2013

I do not watch beauty pageants, but I do go through the names of the contestants. :) Here are the ladies that will be competing for Miss USA on Sunday!

Mary Margaret - Alabama
Melissa "Lissa" - Alaska
Rachel - Arizona
Hannah - Arkansas
Mabelynn - California
Amanda - Colorado
Erin - Connecticut
Rachel - Delaware
Jessica - DC
Michelle - Florida
Brittany - Georgia
Brianna - Hawaii
Marissa - Idaho
Stacie - Illinois
Emily - Indiana
Richelle - Iowa
Staci - Kansas
Allie - Kentucky
Kristen - Louisiana
Ali - Maine
Kasey - Maryland
Sarah - Massachusetts
Jaclyn - Michigan
Danielle - Minnesota
Paromita - Mississippi
Ellie - Missouri
Kacie - Montana
Ellie - Nebraska
Chelsea - Nevada
Amber - New Hampshire
Libell - New Jersey
Kathleen - New Mexico
Joanne - New York
Ashley - North Carolina
Stephanie - North Dakota
Kristin - Ohio
Makenzie - Oklahoma
Gabrielle - Oregon
Jessica - Pennsylvania
Brittany - Rhode Island
Megan - South Carolina
Jessica - South Dakota
Brenna - Tennessee
Ali - Texas
Marissa - Utah
Sarah - Vermont
Shannon - Virginia
Cassandra - Washington
Chelsea - West Virginia
Chrissy - Wisconsin
Courtney - Wyoming

The one that catches my eye the most is from California... how much do I love Mabelynn!? Which sticks out to you?

Miss USA Logo from the website


  1. Paromita... I would not have expected that name out of Mississippi!

  2. Yes, Paromita. and Libell. I wonder if it's pronounced like libel.

  3. There's a lot of "iss" sounds in the names, and lots of double Ls - including Libell, which I can't decide if it is a portmanteau of "Liberty" and "bell" or "Libel" with two Ls. Or does it rhyme with dribble?

  4. I had to laugh at Miss Alabama! I know several Mary Something's.... :) Mary Elizabeth , Mary Catherine, Mary Claire, Mary Beth....

  5. Paromita.

    Mabelynn is too much like the makeup brand Mabelline


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