Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicknames as Given Names: 1912 vs 2012

Reviewing the names of 1912 has become a little series for the blog. I first took a look at word names, then at place names. This time, I am comparing the use of nicknames as given names in the Top 100 of 1912 vs 2012. Included in the following list are names that are also given names in their own right, but could be considered nicknames for longer monikers.

1912                 2012
Frank 9              Liam 6
Harry 16            Luke 37
Willie 22             Eli 44
Fred 26              Jack 46
Jack 28              Jace 86
Joe 36                Alex 98
Leo 49
Charlie 57
Sam 63
Ray 77

Annie 27              Mia 8
Elsie 42                Ella 12
Bessie 43             Lily 16
Eva 49                 Sophie 52
Nellie 59              Bella 54
Minnie 60             Alexa 57
Willie 61              Stella 62
Jessie 65              Lucy 66
Betty 66               Ellie 84
Lillie 67                Eva 86
Ella 69                 Molly 90
Mattie 70
Lena 72
Stella 73
Lucy 78
Jennie 81
Carrie 82
Fannie 87
Hattie 90
Mamie 95

The first thing you notice is that the number of nicknames given has decreased in 100 years. The second thing is that more nicknamey names have been given to girls than boys. On the girl's side, there are a few names that have stood the test of time, or have fallen since 1912 and made a reappearance: Eva, Ella, Stella, and Lucy... of course, all of those are considered given names as well. Only one boy name is on both lists: Jack. And finally, the popular -ie nickname ending for girls in 1912 has been traded for -y or -a.

What else do you notice in this comparison? Do you see a nickname from 1912 that you wish could make a comeback?


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