Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 MLB All-Star Roster

It's All-Star time! Baseball fans are all abuzz, and since I've been receiving a lot of hits from people looking for baseball-inspired names, I thought I would share the roster of the All-Star teams for more inspiration!

American League
C: Joseph "Joe" Patrick Mauer, Twins
1B: Christopher "Chris" Lyn Davis, Orioles
2B: Robinson José Canó, Yankees
SS: James Jerry "J.J." Hardy, Orioles
3B: José Miguel Cabrera, Tigers - Goes by Miguel.
OF: Michael "Mike" Nelson Trout, Angels
OF: Adam La Marque Jones, Orioles
OF: José Antonio Bautista, Blue Jays
DH: David Américo Ortiz, Red Sox

RHP: Grant Robert Balfour, A's
RHP: Clayton "Clay" Daniel Buchholz, Red Sox
LHP: Brett Aaron Cecil, Blue Jays
RHP: Bartolo Colón, A's
RHP: Jesse Alan Crain, White Sox
RHP: Sefat Farid Yu Darvish, Rangers - Goes by Yu. Father is Iranian, Mother is Japanese.
RHP: Steven "Steve" Edward Delabar, Blue Jays
RHP: Félix Abraham Hernández, Mariners
RHP: Gregory "Greg" Scott Holland, Royals
RHP: Hisashi Iwakuma, Mariners
RHP: Justin Daniel Masterson, Indians
RHP: Matthew "Matt" Cody Moore, Rays
RHP: Joseph "Joe" Michael Nathan, Rangers
LHP: Glen Weston Perkins, Twins
RHP: Mariano Rivera, Yankees
LHP: Christopher "Chris" Allen Sale, White Sox
RHP: Maxwell "Max" M. Scherzer, Tigers
RHP: Christopher "Chris" Steven Tillman, Orioles
RHP: Justin Brooks Verlander, Tigers

C: Jason Michael Castro, Astros
C: Salvatore "Salvador" Johan Pérez, Royals
1B: Prince Semien Fielder, Tigers
2B: Jason Michael Kipnis, Indians
2B: Dustin Luis Pedroia, Red Sox
2B: Benjamin "Ben" Thomas Zobrist, Rays
SS: Jhonny Antonio Peralta: Tigers - Spelling is attributed to a clerical error on his birth certificate.
3B: Manuel "Manny" Arturo Machado, Orioles
OF: Nelson Ramón Cruz, Rangers
OF: Alexander "Alex" Jonathan Gordon, Royals
OF: Torii Kedar Hunter, Tigers
DH: Edwin Elpidio Encarnación, Blue Jays

National League
C: Yadier Benjamin Molina, Cardinals
1B: Joseph "Joey" Daniel Votto, Reds
2B: Brandon Emil Phillips, Reds
SS: Troy Trevor Tulowitzki, Rockies
3B: David Allen Wright, Mets
OF: Carlos Iván Beltrán, Cardinals
OF: Carlos Eduardo González, Rockies
OF: Bryce Aron Max Harper, Nationals

LHP: Madison Kyle Bumgarner, Giants - A man named Madison!
LHP: Albertin Aroldis Chapman, Reds - Goes by Aroldis.
LHP: Patrick A. Corbin, Diamondbacks
RHP: José D. Fernández, Marlins
RHP: Jason Michael Grilli, Pirates
RHP: Matthew "Matt" Edward Harvey, Mets
LHP: Clayton Edward Kershaw, Dodgers
RHP: Craig Michael Kimbrel, Braves
LHP: Clifton "Cliff" Phifer Lee, Phillies
LHP: Jeffrey "Jeff" Alan Locke, Pirates
RHP: Mark David Melancon, Pirates
RHP: Sergio Francisco Romo, Giants
RHP: Edward José Mujica, Cardinals
RHP: Adam Parrish Wainwright, Cardinals
LHP: Travis Alan Wood, Cubs
RHP: Jordan M. Zimmermann, Nationals

C: Gerald Dempsey "Buster" Posey III, Giants - "Buster" came from his father's childhood nickname.
C: Brian Michael McCann, Braves
1B: Paul Edward Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks
1B: Allen Thomas Craig, Cardinals
1B: Frederick "Freddie" Charles Freeman, Braves
2B: Matthew "Matt" Martin Carpenter, Cardinals
2B: Marcos Scutaro, Giants - Goes by Marco.
SS: Everth Cabrera, Padres
SS: Jean Carlos Enrique Segura, Brewers
3B: Pedro Manuel Álvarez Jr., Pirates
OF: Domonic Larun Brown, Phillies
OF: Michael Brent Cuddyer, Rockies
OF: Carlos Argelis Gómez, Brewers
OF: Andrew Stefan McCutchen, Pirates

  • The top All-Star first names are Carlos, Christopher, Jason, José, Joseph, and Matthew.
  • The top All-Star middle names are Michael and Alan/Allen.
  • The top All-Star initial is J, followed by M and C.
  • The Orioles are awesome.

What is your favorite All-Star name?

Thanks to Wikipedia for help with the above.



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