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Famous Names from Gettysburg

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This week is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. It was the bloodiest ever fought on US soil and ended up being the turning point in the Civil War in favor of the Union. Over 165,000 soldiers participated in the battle that lasted three days from July 1-3, 1863, and over a fourth of them were killed, wounded or captured/missing. Those killed in the battle were honored over four months later at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery, where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address. The following is a list of some important names from the battle... there are some great finds!

Mary Virginia "Jennie" Wade - the only civilian casualty of the battle

Abraham Lincoln - President of the United States
Jefferson Finis Davis - President of the Confederacy
Robert Edward Lee - Confederate General
George Gordon Meade - Union General
George Edward Pickett - Confederate Maj. General
James Longstreet - Confederate Lt. General
John Buford - Union Brig. General
Henry Heth - Confederate Maj. General
James Jay Archer - Confederate Brig. General
Joseph Robert Davis - Confederate Brig. General
Marcellus Ephraim Jones - Union Lt. who fired the first shot of the battle
John Fulton Reynolds - Union Maj. General
Abner Doubleday - Union Maj. General
Solomon Meredith - Union Brig. General
Lysander Cutler - Union Brig. General
John Mercer Brockenbrough - Confederal Colonel
Henry Wager Halleck - Union General-in-Chief
James Johnston Pettigrew - Confederate Brig. General
Richard Stoddert Ewell - Confederate Lt. General
Ambrose Powell (A.P.) Hill - Confederate Lt. General
James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart - Confederate Maj. General
William Dorsey Pender - Confederal Maj. General
Oliver Otis Howard - Union Maj. General
Robert Emmett Rodes - Confederate Maj. General
Edward Asbury O'Neal - Confederate Colonel
Alfred Iverson - Confederate Brig. General
John Cleveland Robinson - Union Brig. General
Francis Channing Barlow - Union Brig. General
Adolph Wilhelm August Friedrich von Steinwehr - Union Brig. General
Winfield Scott Hancock - Union Maj. General
John Bell Hood - Confederate Maj. General
Lafayette McLaws - Confederate Maj. General
Richard Heron Anderson - Confederate Maj. General
Edward Johnson - Confederate Maj. General
Daniel Edgar Sickles - Union Maj. General
Andrew Atkinson Humphrey - Union Brig. General
David Bell Birney - Union Maj. General
John Curtis Caldwell - Union Brig. General
Evander McIver Law - Confederate Brig. General
Gouverneur Kemble Warren - Union Brig. General
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain - Union Colonel
George Sears Greene - Union Brig. General
Andrew Lintner Harris - Union Colonel
Wade Hampton - Confederate Brig. General
George Armstrong Custer - Union Brig. General
Henry Jackson Hunt - Union Brig. General
Lewis Addison Armistead - Confederate Brig. General
David McMurtrie Gregg - Union Brig. General
Hugh Judson Kilpatrick - Union Brig. General
Elon John Farnsworth - Union Brig. General
Ulysses S. Grant - Union Maj. General

I grabbed the above names from Wikipedia.


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