Friday, August 30, 2013

Names Ending in -ler

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I've been watching some episodes of the TV show Friends lately, and while Rachel is a personal favorite name of mine, the character name that sticks out the most to me is Chandler. There was even an episode about his name, when Phoebe was trying to decide on a name for her unborn nephew and decided to choose between the names Joey and Chandler. After Joey criticized the name Chandler, Chandler agreed that it is a "stupid" name and said he was going to change it. All of this was an effort to get Phoebe to choose his name, which she did. Her nephew was then born a girl, but the baby girl was still named Chandler, much to the adult male Chandler's chagrin. So, how many "little baby girl Chandler"s were born in 2012?

This train of thought led me to develop the following list... the -lers!

Adler 18 153
Bayler 6 14
Bryler 14
Candler 5 5
Chandler 160 590
Chanler 11
Chyler 20
Cutler 48
Cuyler 15
Cyler 25
Daler 5
Fuller 11
Kailer 17
Kayler 5 8
Keiler 5
Keller 23 170
Kepler 19
Kesler 17
Kessler 7 16
Keyler 14
Khyler 5 25
Kinsler 13 64
Kiyler 6
Kohler 7
Kutler 6
Kyler 77 1320
Miller 47 178
Myler 5
Ryler 30
Sadler 7
Sailer 5
Sandler 8
Sayler 24
Schuyler 18 36
Schyler 8 9
Shyler 5
Siler 9
Skiler 5 7
Skyler 828 1209
Steeler 5
Syler 58
Taeler 5
Tayler 116 38
Tyeler 8
Tyler 173 7628
Wheeler 17
Wrangler 15
Xyler 19
Zyler 77

Names ending in -ler are not a hugely popular bunch, save Kyler, Skyler and Tyler. But there are some great finds in the list, such as Adler, Keller, Kinsler, and Sadler. I also have to say that I prefer the original Schuyler spelling to Skyler.

What is your favorite name ending in -ler?



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