Friday, August 16, 2013

The Girl -sons

We have already taken a look at the -son names given to both boys and girls in 2012. Now let's go through the -son names given to girls only:

Aadison 5
Addisson 5
Addyson 1262
Adyson 7
Alisson 312
Allinson 5
Allisson 77
Allyson 1263
Allysson 21
Alyson 551
Alysson 78
Attison 5
Ellason 14
Ellyson 36
Emyrson 7
Kennison 6
Krimson 9
Krymson 8
Maddison 903
Maddyson 49
Madisson 18
Madyson 479
Matison 7
Season 5

Most of them are just spelling variations of names given to both genders: Addison, Allison, Crimson, Ellison, Emerson, and Madison. But there are a few that are just for girls:

Allinson - I am not quite sure why this name is only given to girls, even historically, but it is. One reason could be because it is similar to Allison in sound. As for namesakes, there is an Allinson Flour company in the UK named after Thomas Allinson, a doctor who pushed the use of whole grain in bread. Is this name more popular in the UK and only now starting to appear in the US?

Kennison - This name has been given to boys previously, but to girls more so and even then not to very many. I am surprised it's not more popular in general. I would think "son of Ken" would be an option to those parents wanting to honor and Ken or Kenneth, but I see that Kenson might be the more attractive alternative. I'm sure there are several namesakes with the last name Kennison as well as a city in West Virginia that could account for the use of the name, but I am still stumped as so why it's used on girls more than boys.

Season - Obviously a word name, this is the least confusing of the three. If Winter, Autumn and Summer can be names for girls, why not Season?

What do you think of these girl -sons? Any insights on these names are more than welcomed!

A look at the boy -sons will come next week...


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