Monday, August 5, 2013

Where Are They Now?: An Update

Back in January, I completed a series called "Where Are They Now?" in which I took the Top 100 boys and girls names from 1911 and analyzed where they ranked in 2011. It was an attempt to see if the "100 Year Rule" was an accurate rule, but it ended up giving me a lot of interesting information that I wanted to update using the 2012 data. You may need to refer back to the summary article to understand the following...

First, the names that were Steady on Top continue to be steady. None of them have fallen out of the Top 100.

Second, all the names that were the "100 Year Rule" Contenders remain in the Top 100. These were the names that fell from the Top 100 after 1911, but have since reentered it.

Third, the "It" Names... the names that were on the rise after falling from their 1911 ranks but haven't quite reached the Top 100 yet. While most of them have continued to rise, I found a few names that actually went down in rank and number from 2011 to 2012:



None of these dropped by a huge amount though, so we'll see if they regain interest in 2013. Most notable from the "It" list though is the fact that Violet reentered the Top 100 in 2012, putting it officially in the "100 Year Rule" Contender category.

Fourth, the names in the Down But Not Out category provided more fascinating finds. Including the 2012 data, ten of them have had three years of increasing numbers:



So, they are definitely not out and could very well be headed for the "It" name category in the coming years. Several others have had increases from 2011 (Harold, Carl, Roy, Eugene, Leonard, Frederick, Melvin, Marvin, Alvin, Margaret, Dorothy, Ruth, Marie, Frances, Irene, Martha, Ann, Alma, Mattie, Jessie, and Rosa), but we'll see if that continues into 2013.

Lastly, since it is the 2012 data we are looking at and the "100 Year Rule" would only be in affect if we also looked at the 1912 data, let's do that. The new names in the Top 100 in 1912 and where they stand now:

Arnold (out of the Top 1000)
Everett (currently at #214 and rising)
Glenn (out of the Top 1000)
Julius (currently at #331 and rising)
Wilbur (out of the Top 1000)
Woodrow (out of the Top 1000)

Marian (out of the Top 1000)
Wilma (out of the Top 1000)

None of these names fit the "100 Year Rule" as I define it, but Everett and Julius are on the rise after falling out of the Top 100 and could be considered "It" names. The names that fell from the Top 100 in 1912 were Allen, Ben, Eddie, Jessie (b), Johnnie, Luther, Georgia and Lula.

What do you find interesting from the above data? Any names you see coming back sooner rather than later?


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