Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NameFreak! is ONE!

I am thrilled to celebrate NameFreak!'s first anniversary! This past year has been such an awesome and rewarding experience for me. My articles have been published on Nameberry and in Matilda Magazine, NameFreak! was included in the list of Best Blogs for Baby Name Inspiration on Disney Baby, I have received a ton of hits via links from several sources including Appellation Mountain and Name News, my Facebook page has grown to 229 followers, and several readers have contacted me for name advice. The support and encouragement in the name blogging community has been tremendous. Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you will continue to do so for years to come!

No one can say I'm not nostalgic... after going through my posts from the past year, I have collected a list of my favorites. All of my articles are a blast to research and write, but these are a few that really make me smile.

Downton Abbey - A Name Study

Wentworth: From Rare Inspiration

Romancing Miss Brontë

British Royal Name History

Some Very F"ine" Names

Little Women - A Sibling Study

R Names - 1950s vs 2000s

Play Ball!: Baseball-Inspired Names

From Feminine to Unisex

Inspiration from Place Names

Where Are They Now?: An Update

In closing, I wonder what you, my readers, have enjoyed the most from NameFreak!?



  1. Happy birthday, Kelli! I love your fun, inventive approach to thinking about names. You always surprise me with your ideas - in the best of possible ways. And no one covers baseball like you do! :)

  2. Congratulations Kelli!

    I think one of the subjects you've blogged about that I really liked was your playground analysis :)

  3. Happy first blogaversary Kelli, and may you have many more! Congratulations on all your success.

    The sibling study from "Little Women" was fascinating, and you are always prolific of ideas.


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