Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Name Madness 2013: Theme!

And the theme winner is... European Names!

The theme for Name Madness 2013 has been decided by you! Thank you to those who voted. Now it's up to you to share some of your favorite European names... boy and girl names that root in European countries or are the European version of names. Examples could include Esmé, Cillian, Catalina or Florian. Remember... I need 64 total names (32 boys and 32 girls), so please comment!

Name Madness 2013 will start in November so be on the lookout for the bracket in the next few weeks!



  1. Anastasia (f), Kinga (f), Bozena (f), Gintare (f), Antoni (m), Bogdan (m), Rimas (m), Attila (m)

  2. Girls: Astrid, Ingrid, Freya, Lena, Ariadne, Alessia, Colette, Fleur, Amara, Brielle, Calista, Blair, Enid, Isabeau, Juneau, Mila, Nessa, Pandora, Petra, Thea, Thora, Mavis, Estelle, Fiora, Celeste, Luna, Ofelia and Rayna,

    Guys: Killian, Romeo, Anders, Barrett, Dane, Dario, Griffith, Liam, Lorcan, Nolan, Ronan, Bram, Atlas, Argo, Arturo, Alphonse, Ames, Beau, Edmond, Forest, Laurent, Marshall, Dante, Lorenzo, Klaus, Raphael and Rocco

    Checking the top 100 lists for some European countries would be sure to give you some great ideas too :)

  3. Bridget, Genevieve, Evangeline, Friedrich, Anya

  4. Penelope, Zoe, Damaris, and I was also going to say Thea. Petros, Theodore, Adrian….assuming you count Greece as Europe..;) Oh, and my personal favorite to hear yelled at the playground - Panagiotis.

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