Monday, December 23, 2013

Frozen and Hans Christian Andersen

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I seriously loved Frozen. I will not go into why I loved it in case you haven't seen it yet, but just know it's... unique.

Did you know that Frozen is based off of The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen? Did you realize that a few of the names from Frozen are from HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN?

Hans - love interest for Anna
Kristoff - helps Anna get to her sister
Anna - sister of the Snow Queen

As for the other characters of Frozen, we cannot get any better:

Sven - the reindeer
Olaf - the snowman
Kai - servant in the royal house, but also one of the original character names in HCA's The Snow Queen
Gerda - servant in the royal house, but also one of the original character names in HCA's The Snow Queen
Oaken - runs a trading post
Sitron - Hans' horse; while his name is never mentioned in the film, the director announced his name on her Twitter account; Sitron is Norwegian for "lemon"

And last, but certainly not least, is the Snow Queen herself, Elsa... in my humble opinion, the most fascinating character in Frozen (and possibly the entire Disney library). The name Elsa is a short form of Elisabeth, and has usage in German, Swedish, Finnish, and Italian. All of the names in the movie have Norwegian usage, and Elsa is very popular in the next country over, Sweden. Currently ranked #551, it is on the rise in the United States along with Elsie (currently #397), and I wonder if its popularity will jump significantly in the United States in 2014.

Do you think the movie will inspire parents to use these names? Which is your favorite?

And for fun, what other names can we get from HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN? Use the letters or just use the names as inspiration. Get creative! Here are just a few I thought of...

Tiana (chrisTIAN Andersen)



  1. Loved the movie the first time I saw it with my 7 year old so much I decided to go again and take my 2 1/2 year old this time just to see her reaction to her name (Elsa) being said over and over again.

    We don't know any other Elsa and even if the name becomes popular she'll be ahead of the curve. :) my husband actually picked it out and at first I wasn't too sure, but I adore it now.

  2. I'm not really 100% sure of this but I think the names are deliberately biblical.

    Elsa = El + saar = God + tempest,
    Anna = Hana = Grace,
    Christopher = Christ offer,
    Hans = Ask for mercy & Hans is the 13th son with 12 older brothers.

    My name is Simon(Dad loved Simon & Garfunkel, not the saint Peter) so I realize that all these names are popular western names and all of this could be coincidences but Saar and 13 have got to be deliberate foreshadowing. Right?

    1. That's an interesting take on it. And I'm Christian, so that's pretty cool. And there's Jacob's kids. Joseph had 12 brothers (including Benjamin) -- 13 sons.

  3. Also Olaf is Norse for ancestor/man.. Elsa(God) created Olaf(Adam). Olaf doesnt know that fire/heat will kill him so he dreams about summer. When the end comes he is about to die Elsa saves him.

  4. I got the idea listening to the song "Let it Go" tracing the thought "Ice Queen Elsa sings seems to sing way too much like a southern bell choir girl from Carolina.'

  5. Hans Kristoff Anna Sven = Hans Christian Anderson

    1. I think it is more like this:
      HANS = Hans
      CHRISTIan = Kristoff
      christiAN = Anna
      ANDerson = and (&)
      andERSON = Elsa

      The final result is:
      Hans, Kristoff, Anna & Elsa

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