Monday, December 16, 2013

Name Madness 2013 Winners!

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Five weeks ago, we started with 64 European names and now we have our winners! After the 97 votes were counted, the results were not as close as I would have guessed...

Anastasia 37%
Matilda 63%

Callum 57%
Ronan 43%

Congratulations to Matilda and Callum!

Matilda had to get past Milena, Natalia, Linnéa, Thea, and finally, Anastasia to claim the title for the girls. She met her fiercest competition in the fourth round against Thea.

Callum passed Bram, Bendt, Aleksi, Enzo, and finally, Ronan to claim the title for the boys. He met his fiercest competition in the first round against Bram.

Western European names came up with the victory for both boys and girls. What do you think? Is this the final outcome you predicted?

Thanks again for making this a fabulous tournament with both your name suggestions and votes! I'm already looking forward to deciding next year's theme and candidates!



  1. Not a fan of Matilda. I voted for each of the names she was up against. I would not have predicted that one. But Callum, has winner written all over it.

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