Monday, December 2, 2013

Name Madness 2013 - Round 4

Number 4
Image by David Wilkinson via Flickr

Thank you to the 93 people who voted in Round 3! There were a lot of tight contests and no runaway winners. It just keeps getting better and better! Here are the results...

Anastasia 53%
Eleni 47%

Élodie 43%
Imogen 57%

Linnéa 47%
Matilda 53%

Saoirse 40%
Thea 60%

Aleksi 39%
Callum 61%

Enzo 60%
Gustav 40%

Luka 57%
Otto 43%

Raphael 40%
Ronan 60%

All I have to say is... *sniff* Otto. :(

We are down to the Elite Eight! There is still a wide variety of names left in the contest... did you think these would be the final eight?

You have until Sunday, December 8 to vote. Please vote only once and for only one name in each match. Winners of Round 4 and the ballot for the FINAL should be published on Monday, December 9. Have fun!


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