Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Charlie Chaplin's Children

Charlie Chaplin and his family in 1961 via Wikipedia

I recently heard that a novel written by Charlie Chaplin in 1948 was released on Tuesday. As I read about the man, named Charles Spencer Chaplin, I got caught up in the names of his children, especially the eight he had with his last wife, Oona O'Neill. Chaplin was married four times:

Mildred Harris
*Norman Spencer (b. 1919, died as an infant)

Lita Grey (Lillita Louise MacMurray)
*Charles Spencer, Jr. (b. 1925)
*Sydney Earle (b. 1926, Sydney was the name of Chaplin's brother)

Paulette Goddard
*no children

Oona O'Neill
*Geraldine Leigh (b. 1944)
*Michael John (b. 1946)
*Josephine Hannah (b. 1949)
*Victoria (b. 1951)
*Eugene Anthony (b. 1953)
*Jane Cecil (b. 1957)
*Annette Emily (b. 1959)
*Christopher James (b. 1962)

I love the mix of names! What is your favorite?


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  1. I wonder why Victoria didn't get a middle name. Or perhaps it just wasn't listed. My favorite is Josephine Hannah. Its so classic but so current too!


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