Monday, August 18, 2014

Comparison of English/Welsh and American Top 100

British Baby Names has given a great overview of the newly released popular name list for England and Wales in 2013... now I'd like to do a brief comparison of the tastes of the English/Welsh to the Americans!

Names appearing in both Top 100 lists:

Aaron Abigail
Adam Amelia
Aiden Anna
Alexander Annabelle
Austin Ava
Benjamin Bella
Blake Charlotte
Caleb Chloe
Cameron Elizabeth
Charles Ella
Connor Ellie
Daniel Emily
David Emma
Dylan Eva
Elijah Evelyn
Ethan Faith
Evan Grace
Gabriel Hannah
Henry Isabella
Isaac Julia
Jack Layla
Jacob Leah
James Lily
Jayden Lucy
Joseph Lydia
Joshua Madison
Liam Maya
Logan Mia
Lucas Olivia
Luke Ruby
Mason Sarah
Matthew Scarlett
Michael Sofia
Nathan Sophia
Noah Sophie
Oliver Victoria
Owen Violet
Robert Zoe

It's no surprise there are more boy names in common than girl names, as there are several classics represented. Surprises are present however, and may include Austin, Jayden, and Madison. I'm not sure I like seeing Aiden in common... I would have hoped the English/Welsh would have stuck with the roots of the name and gone with Aidan. Even more interesting is what's NOT in common...

The other boy names in each Top 100:

Albert Adrian
Alex Andrew
Alfie Angel
Archie Anthony
Arthur Ayden
Bobby Bentley
Callum Brandon
Charlie Braydon
Dexter Brody
Edward Camden
Elliot Carson
Elliott Carter
Felix Chase
Finlay Christian
Finley Christopher
Frankie Colton
Freddie Cooper
Frederick Damian
George Dominic
Harley Easton
Harrison Eli
Harry Gavin
Harvey Grayson
Hugo Hudson
Ibrahim Hunter
Jake Ian
Jamie Isaiah
Jenson Jace
Jude Jackson
Kai Jase
Kian Jason
Leo Jaxon
Leon Jaxson
Lewis Jeremiah
Louie John
Louis Jonathan
Luca Jordan
Max Jose
Mohammad Josiah
Mohammed Juan
Muhammad Julian
Ollie Justin
Oscar Kayden
Reuben Kevin
Riley Landon
Ronnie Levi
Rory Lincoln
Seth Luis
Sonny Nathaniel
Stanley Nicholas
Teddy Nolan
Theo Parker
Theodore Tristan
Toby Wyatt
Tommy Xavier

The other girl names in each Top 100 (there are more in the E/W list because there was a tie at 100):

Aisha Aaliyah
Alice Addison
Amber Alexa
Amelie Alexandra
Amy Alexis
Beatrice Allison
Bethany Alyssa
Brooke Aria
Daisy Ariana
Darcey Arianna
Darcy Ashley
Eleanor Aubree
Eliza Aubrey
Elsie Audrey
Emilia Autumn
Erin Avery
Esme Brianna
Evie Brooklyn
Florence Camila
Francesca Caroline
Freya Claire
Georgia Gabriella
Gracie Genesis
Harriet Gianna
Heidi Hailey
Hollie Harper
Holly Jocelyn
Imogen Katherine
Isabel Kayla
Isabelle Kaylee
Isla Kennedy
Isobel Khloe
Ivy Kylie
Jasmine Lauren
Jessica Lillian
Katie London
Lacey Mackenzie
Lexi Madeline
Lilly Madelyn
Lola Makayla
Maddison Melanie
Maisie Mila
Maria Morgan
Martha Naomi
Maryam Natalie
Matilda Nevaeh
Megan Nicole
Millie Nora
Mollie Paisley
Molly Penelope
Niamh Peyton
Paige Piper
Phoebe Riley
Poppy Sadie
Rose Samantha
Rosie Savannah
Sara Serenity
Sienna Skylar
Skye Stella
Summer Sydney
Tilly Taylor
Willow Zoey

Americans really love A, B, and C names. We have a bunch of them in the Top 100 compared to the E/W list. The English/Welsh have fallen in love with several names that begin with F, while American only prefer Faith. Americans prefer a ton of J names for their boys, and the English/Welsh prefer letters in the second-half of the alphabet. Both sets of parents like M names for girls, but it's interesting to see the wide variety that each country chooses. It's no secret that the English/Welsh love their nicknames as given names, while Americans tend to put the longer name on the birth certificate. And what about Alice vs. Alyssa, Brooke vs. Brooklyn, Hollie/Holly vs. Hailey, Katie vs. Katherine, Poppy vs. Piper, Skye vs. Skylar, and Tilly vs. Taylor? There are a lots of similarities as well as differences between the preferences.

Do you see anything else interesting in the comparison? Which list suits your fancy more?


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