Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's Not in Name-alytics

There is A LOT of information in Name-alytics. But there are a few things I found in my research that just didn't fit in the book, so I will share them now...
  • Out of the 825 names that have been in the Top 100 since 1880, two are no longer given (at least not to the minimum of 5 babies in a year). Myrtle and Nannie seemed to have completely disappeared from use. Myrtle disappeared after 1997, with a brief showing in 2005, and Nannie disappeared after 1979, with some appearances in 1981, 1986, 1988 and 1991. Maud was previously on this list until she made a reappearance in 2013; she hasn't been used steadily since 1962. Willie (for a girl) is another one that has been sporadic lately, falling from constant use after 1998 and then being recorded as a given name on and off, reappearing in 2013. On the boy side, Ed and Garfield were almost goners until 2013 when they reappeared after just a few years of non-use. 
  • As popular as they are now, several names in the Top 100 were not used at all in this country until fairly recently. Late boy arrivals (first recorded use after 1950) include: Aiden 1970, Ayden 1990, Brayden 1970, Brody 1954, Caden 1979, Dylan 1953, Jaden 1970, Jase 1967, Jaxon 1972, Jaxson 1991, Jayden 1977, Kaden 1977, Kayden 1989, and Ryder 1960. 
  • Late girl arrivals include: Aaliyah 1976, Addison* 1980, Alyssa 1950, Ariana 1957, Arianna 1959, Breanna 1965, Briana 1950, Brianna 1963, Brittany 1963, Brittney 1958, Brooklyn 1972, Caitlin 1955, Cassidy 1968, Destiny 1956, Genesis 1964, Gianna 1951, Harper* 1971, Jayla 1968, Jordan* 1950, Kaitlin 1971, Kaitlyn 1967, Katelyn 1970, Kennedy* 1957, Khloe 1989, Kiara 1968, Kylie 1960, Latoya 1960, Layla 1950, London* 1963, Mackenzie 1973, Madison* 1971, Makayla 1971, Meghan 1952, Mikayla 1970, Mya 1954, Nevaeh 1997, Paisley 1966, Payton* 1966, Peyton* 1957, Piper 1951, Reagan* 1956, Serenity 1972, Skylar* 1974, Taylor* 1951, and Zoey 1967. (*first year used for girls, used previously for boys)
  • From the Decades list in the book, you can see that Christie/Christy/Kristi/Kristy were at their heights in the 1970s, but Christina/Crystal/Krista/Kristen/Kristin/Kristina/Krystal were at their peaks in the 1980s. The 1970s were also when the Mels (Melanie/Melinda/Melissa) were at their highest. The 1990s brought us the pinnacles of Caitlin/Kaitlin/Kaitlyn/Katelyn. Jean/Jeanne were at their peaks in the 1920s, but the sound preference changed in the next decade, for Joan/Joann/Joanne were at their highest in the 1930s.
  • And while researching the connections between the Top 100 names, I discovered that Minnie, Velma and Wilma are connected through the name Wilhelmina, while Mattie, Maud and Maude are connected through the name Matilda.
I'm sure more blog posts will come out of the basic research from this book. If you would like to see the research and analysis that WAS in the book, you may purchase Name-alytics using the button on the right!


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