Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Close... But Not Quite

I just went on the hunt for names that were close to getting into Name-alytics but didn't make the cut. These would be names that only ranked as high as #101 since 1880. Much to my researching blues though, only two names fit this criteria.

Names are always shuffling around and those ranked at #101 are names either on the way out or up. All of the names ranked at #101 (except these two) were in the Top 100 at one time or another. The fact that these two names were both ranked at #101 in 1880 show me they were more than likely in the Top 100 in the years before the data was collected. This is a huge bummer (for my book's sake), because the "not quite" names are:

Perry and Matilda

Name-alytics includes Percy, but not Perry. I admit to really liking this name and was sad to discover that it gradually fell from its height of #101 in 1880 to completely out of the Top 1000 after 2006. It did have a resurgence in the late 1950s though, possibly due to the Perry Mason TV series.

As I researched Name-alytics, I often wondered why I wasn't seeing Matilda anywhere. We had Mattie, Maud and Maude in the mix, but no Matilda. Like Perry, it gradually fell out of the Top 1000, but did so much faster. Matilda was not in the Top 1000 (off and on) for 50 years, from 1957 through 2007. Unlike Perry, American parents are seeing its allure again and it is currently on the rise, up to #645 in 2013.

Important Note Making All of the Above Moot: Both Perry and Matilda didn't make the cut because I only took the Top 100 names from the list. Looking at the raw numbers, I see that they both actually tied the #100 names... Perry was given to 134 boys in 1880, the same as #100 Calvin; Matilda was given to 210 girls in 1880, the same as #100 Emily. So basically, Perry and Matilda were "not quite" names because they came after Calvin and Emily alphabetically. And/or because I didn't look at the raw numbers. However you want to look at it. ;)

Am I the only one missing Perry? Do you think Matilda will eventually break the Top 100 barrier?

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