Friday, January 30, 2015

THE Names

I am currently in love with the name Thea. The debate between Thea on its own or using it as a nickname for Theodora is ongoing. In any case, I decided to look up the popularity of both, as well as other names that begin with The- (with the th pronunciation; I do not include Theresa or Therese). There are several fabulous one!

Theodore is, of course, the most popular of the bunch. 2,397 boys were given the name in 2013 and it ranked at #170. Theodor was given to 45 boys.

Theo is the second most popular, given to 358 boys in 2013. It ranked at #666.

The first girl's name on the list is Thea! The short form for Theodora (as well as Dorothea) is more popular than the long form. It was given to 209 girls in 2013, but it was not ranked. I also found 18 girls were named Theia.

Next comes Theodora. 94 girls were given the name in 2013, and 15 were named Theadora.

Theodore, Theo, Thea, Theodora all showed increases from 2012. Will they continue to rise? We'll see when the 2014 numbers come out in May!

Now let's check out the rest of the THE names from 2013...

Theron* M 86
Theophilus M 37
Theseus M 31
Thelma F 19
Theon M 15
Thelonious** M 14
Theodoros M 14
Theoden M 13
Theory F 9
Theodis M 8
Theda F 7
Thessaly F 5
Theofanis M 5

*There were also 6 boys names Theran and 5 boys named Therin. Not sure if they are all pronounced the same, as Theron could be pronounced like Charlize Theron's name or with the first syllable stressed.

** There were also 5 boys named Thelonius.

Theron means "hunter" in Greek. Theophilus is Biblical, as Luke wrote the book of Acts to him, and means "friend of god" in Greek. Theseus was a hero in Greek legend. Theon has Greek roots, but is currently popular from a character in Game of Thrones. Theda is another nickname for Theodora. Thessaly is the name of an area in Greece. And Theodis and Theofanis (spelled Theofanes) also have Greek origins. As you can see, most THE names are Greek.

What about the non-Greeks? Thelma was invented for a Norwegian novel. Thelonious is a Latin form of Tilo, which is German. Theoden comes from The Lord of the Rings. Theory is a word.

Because of my love for all things LOTR, I happen to adore Theoden. Thessaly also catches my eye, although some could see it as a tongue-twister.

Which is your favorite THE name?



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